Remember when?

Remember, when;

You were planning to watch your favourite show and called it off,

Because you wanted to comfort them, when they told you they were worried?


You felt sleepy after ages and you decided to stay awake,

Because you wanted to listen to their rant, when they hit you up at 3 AM?


You were actually enjoying a family gathering and you ditched it,

Because you wanted to help them, when they were down?


You finally decided to study for the big test and put it off,

Because you wanted to be there for them, when they told you they had some family issues?




And remember, when;

You couldn’t sleep and decided to ask them if they were up,

And they replied that they were sleepy?



You spent the entire day in bed, waiting for their text to talk about your depression,

And they just told you they were a bit busy?



You were not feeling good and you wanted them to just be there for you,

And they told you they were having a bad day?




Time flies.

Sometimes, no matter where you are, how much time has past, a name, an incident, a joke, a stranger brings a wave of nostalgia; memories which were buried deep down.

It reminds you, who you were, where you came from and your long lost friends.

You sink into oblivion; trying to remember the faded faces and memories. It makes you think about friends who were more than family, time you spent with them, silly jokes you shared with each other, promises you made on your graduation day.

You tried so hard to hold on, ‘it’s not the end, we’ll be together forever’, but life happened.